We specialize in providing the agricultural community with hedge corral post, rail fences, barn poles, horse fence, farm fence, buffalo fence, game fence, elk fence, gate post, grape vineyard post, and stockades. Post for barbed wire fence, is our biggest seller.


Hedge Post & Poles



Hedge is a type of tree also called (bodark) or (Osage Orange). The early settlers originally planted rows of Hedge trees close together every 40 to 80 acres for property line markers and for the use as a natural fence. The hedge tree is cut into post that are not treated or peeled so they have the bark on them. As the hedge wood ages it gets harder for natural longevity from rotting. Hedge wood is durable in all types of soil; even the wettest of soils will not cause rotting for generations to come.





HEDGE POST SIZES - Other sizes can be ordered!

Diameter Length
2 to 4 inches
6 ½ Foot
3 to 6 inches
7 Foot
4 to 10 inches
8 Foot
4 to 10 inches
9 Foot
4 to 10 inches
10 Foot